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About me

In 2019 at the age of 55 my career and vocation for the best part of 20 years, as a self employed Applied Equine Podiatrist, came to an abrupt end.


Through long hours and dedication I had grown and developed my Equine Podiatry Hoof Trimming and Rehabilitation Service, including an on line shop and was very successful.


Unfortunately, I suffered a severe repetitive strain back injury and was forced to stop.  With the touch of the return key an email was sent to all my clients saying I had no choice but to retire.  A huge dedicated part of my life, that I had worked so hard for was over, changed literally overnight.


To say it was a devasting blow is an understatement.   However, I can now look back and actually thank my body for stopping me when it did, preventing what could have been irreversable damage.  Thanks to on-going physio, I'm left with a manageable long term injury.  However, my face and body had become very asymmetrical and  gravity had not been on my side! 

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My route into Face Yoga is not prehaps as conventional as some, it seemed to be the only safe thing I could do without aggravating my back.  As it turned out, it was the very best choice to make and the Poses ended up making an unexpected adjustment and ability to improve my posture.  It was a profound moment and that very second, I realised there was a way forward.  


Face Yoga has been fundamental in changing me both physically and mentally, so much so, I barely recognise the 'old' me.  I now realise that it was not possible to find something to replace the career that was lost. When I accepted that change, life suddenly took me in the most unexpected and rewarding direction. The improvements I, my family, friends and my amazing Teacher Fumiko Takatsu observed were so incredible, I was compelled to study and become a Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher


When you feel a disconnect from to how you want to feel on the inside and what you see in your reflection, life can be challenging.  I discovered that taking the time for self care and attention is not wrong, it's important.  It takes courage to let go, take back control and make a change, but when you do, the world can look a completely different place.


Change your Face, Change how you Feel, Change your Life


Much Love, Lindsay  

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